Jill Porter


A Bit About Jill

Graphic, fashion and floral design are passions that have stemmed from the appreciation of beauty and nature along with a love for color and graphical elements.

In the early days, Jill was told by her high school counselor that majoring in forms of art would not be practical or very rewarding. Driven by her heart while completing her Bachelor of Science degree at Colorado State University, she disregarded this advice. Jill found the art of fahion design, gained knowledge of apparel/textile/retail merchandising and the French language that went beyond the realm of rewarding-bringing about an inner gratification for her.

For the past fourteen years, Jill has enjoyed every moment of her freelance contract design business—PorterWorks Design, A Creative Cachet. She has learned an invaluable amount of skills along the way—including the fascinating business of marketing. Floral design has always been something she's been fortunate to be involved with. This dates back to many jobs throughout the years—from high school through college and to the present.

Additionally, to remain current in the world of digital graphics, she has recently completed several educational courses that focused on Adobe CS5 products. Please take a look at her portfolio to see! Thank you for your interest.